Nice Weather Coming to Israel – Are you Ready?

With the onset of nice weather in the Israel area, it’s time to start thinking about beach season, and the many fun times that we enjoy in the area during this splendid time of the year. While we normally try to focus on the topical issues of our region, we also feel that it’s important to let loose at times, and enjoy this amazing country that God has blesses us with. It truly is beautiful around here, and with everything going on in the region, we can often times lose site of the many amazing factors that make our country special.

With all of that said, this truly is an amazing time of the year to spend outdoors, and especially on the beach! For many of us though, beach season can be quite embarrassing if we haven’t been keeping up on our workout routines during the long, extended winter months. If this is the case for you, do not fret! There are some quick and simple solutions that can get you back in the game in no time! And even though we only have a few short months to prepare our bodies for the official “summer unveiling,” with a little persistence and by simply following the right plans and routines, you can whip your body back into shape faster than you can say Gaza Strip!

There are a few simple steps you can take to get your body back to looking good! First and foremost, you will want to make sure that your diet is totally in check. If you are downing giant burgers everyday, obviously you will want to change that habit ASAP! Really, it’s pretty much commonsense when it comes to this stuff. Just make sure that you aren’t literally eating like a horse, and you will most  likely be fine! The best thing that we can recommend is following the advice of someone who is an expert in losing weight through quality nutrition, or someone  who knows how to provide you the right guidance when it comes to getting fit and healthy.

Once you have your nutrition completely in place, then it’s time to start focusing on the amount of excericse that you’re actually getting. For many of us an exercise routine may equate to sitting on the couch and reaching for the remote or bag of chips every once in a while. If this is the case, then you need to find a way to fit some additional exercise into your routine. Whether that involves meeting with a personal trainer, or just finding a DVD program that you can use from home, just make sure that you’re taking the steps necessary to get off the couch, and to start burning some fat and calories – this is the only that you’ll actually drop the extra fat that you want to!

No matter what you decide, and what kind of shape you are in, we hope that you’re able to find a way to enjoy the coming summer season. Because no matter what is going on in our world or in our region, you must find times to enjoy yourself, and to enjoy life and the world around you!

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Official: Israeli Settlers Uproot Trees in Palestinian Village near Nablus

olive_womanNABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli settlers uprooted 200 olive trees in Qusra village near Nablus overnight Wednesday, a Palestinian Authority official said.

A number of settlers destroyed trees in the south of the village at midnight, days before the olive harvest is due to begin, the Fatah official monitoring settlement activity in the northern West Bank Ghassan Doughlas told Ma’an.

The trees belonged to Fateh Allah Mahmoud, Ghassan Hasan and other Qusra villagers, Doughlas said, calling on the international community to put more effort into halting attacks on Palestinians by Israelis living in illegal settlements in the West Bank.

The Nablus area has witnessed a surge in settler attacks over the last month, including village raids, attacks on property and the vandalism of two mosques.

On Sept. 5, settlers broke into al-Nurayn mosque in Qusra, smashing windows before setting fire to used tires inside the building and spray-painting anti-Arab slogans and the Star of David.

Settler-related incidents resulting in Palestinian injuries and damage to property are up more than 50 percent this year, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, which documents violence in the Palestinian territories.

Major Innovations Coming From Israeli Region

innovative-technology-coing-from-israelThe area surrounding Israel has become known as a hot bed of international turmoil in recent years, and that’s for good reason – the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has been raging for decades now, with thousands of lives lost, and flow of constant conflict between the warring factions. But, what many people probably don’t know is that in spite of all of the devastation, there have also been some pretty amazing and innovative ideas coming out of this area as well.

One of the most well known businesses to spawn in Israel recently is the website known as Fiverr. While most folks probably don’t know, it is the product of a man named Micha Kaufman, and it was named as one of Israel’s most promising start-ups of 2012. For those that don’t know, it provides a place where people can sign up to do freelance “gigs” for a huge variety services. It really has become a go-to solution for anyone needing graphic design or logo work, or you can even have voice over work done as well. Years ago you may been several hundred dollars at least if you needed a logo for your company, but now you can get a pretty decent logo created for $5 bucks! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Another interesting product to come out of the region is one of the better male enhancement pumps to be released in many years, called the Penomet. And while this may sound pretty crazy or strange to be mentioning here, it has been a godsend for many men suffering from the debilitating condition known as erectile dysfunction, so the creators really are doing a service for thousands of men who have ED. Basically this device works off water, but the inventors also introduced a revolutionary new “gaiter” system that has industry experts singing it’s praises. In any case, it’s pretty cool and you can learn more about it here:

Beyond that, you should know that there are many more exciting things popping up in the Israeli region as well, and the coming years and decades could be very exciting for the people living here. The big question will be if they can move beyond the conflict and start focusing on forging ahead with a new and exciting generation of technology producing people who are focused on creating amazing products and organizations.


Palestinian Agricultural Committee to Launch Initiative in Order to Protect Harvest from Attacks by Israeli Settlers

NABLUSladiesgardeninginthewestbank — The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees announced on Monday an upcoming campaign to protect West Bank farmers from attacks by Israeli settlers during the olive harvest season.

Noting a recent escalation in attacks on Palestinian lands and farmers, the agricultural support organization said it will organize groups of volunteers to accompany workers picking olives during the season.

“Olive collecting will be a form of popular resistance,” the group said, adding that they were asking Palestinians in the West Bank and Israel, as well as international activists, to join the campaign.

Volunteers will particularly help farmers harvesting groves behind Israel’s separation wall, which juts into the West Bank cutting off Palestinian farm land. Palestinians must apply for permits from the Israeli military authorities in the West Bank to secure access to harvest their lands.

In 2010, the Ramallah-based Ministry of Agriculture said 4.3 percent of olive trees were inaccessible behind Israel’s wall, the route of which was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice in 2004.

Israel Demolishes Palestinian Properties in Jordan Valley

bulldozer_home_demolishWEST BANK, (WAFA) – Israeli forces early Thursday demolished houses, barns and barracks belonging to Palestinian shepherds in Wadi Al-Maleh and Al-Hamma areas north of the Jordan Valley, according to head of Al-Maleh village council, Aref Daraghmeh.

He said Israeli bulldozers, under the protection of Israeli soldiers, demolished houses and barns built of canvas and tin in several areas in the Jordon Valley, pointing out this happened suddenly as shepherds were preparing to head towards the fields.

In a related matter, Israeli soldiers stormed the town of Beit Kahil northwest of Hebron in the southern West Bank, imposed a tight military cordon on the area and surrounded a Palestinian house before demolishing it, firing tear gas bombs at residents who tried to stop them, according to witnesses.

The owner of the house told WAFA he was handed a demolition notice several months ago by Israeli soldiers which he appealed at Israeli court that was still looking into the matter.

Soldiers, during the house demolition, destroyed a number of olive trees, the nearby road and a number of adjacent walls.

Israel Orders Sections of Jaffa Mosque Demolished

bahar_mosqueJaffa, (IMEMC)The Israeli Authorities in Jaffa are demanding the removal of sections of Al Bahar Mosque, in Jaffa, under the claim that these sections were built without construction permits, the Wattan TV reported.

The Authorities placed the demolish order on the main gate of the mosque; the order is demanding the destruction of two gates and a staircase within 24 hours.

The order states that “city council engineers toured the mosque last month, and found out that recent maintenance work violated the construction permit as it included illegal additions and modifications”.

The municipality said that the structures in question must be demolished within 24 hours; otherwise, the city council will demolish them, and bill the mosque.

The staircase and the two gates mentioned in the order lead to restrooms used by female worshipers.

When Israel demolishes Arab homes and structures, it bills the owners forcing them to pay unreasonable costs and very high fines.