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Major Innovations Coming From Israeli Region

innovative-technology-coing-from-israelThe area surrounding Israel has become known as a hot bed of international turmoil in recent years, and that’s for good reason – the Palestinian/Israeli conflict has been raging for decades now, with thousands of lives lost, and flow of constant conflict between the warring factions. But, what many people probably don’t know is that in spite of all of the devastation, there have also been some pretty amazing and innovative ideas coming out of this area as well.

One of the most well known businesses to spawn in Israel recently is the website known as Fiverr. While most folks probably don’t know, it is the product of a man named Micha Kaufman, and it was named as one of Israel’s most promising start-ups of 2012. For those that don’t know, it provides a place where people can sign up to do freelance “gigs” for a huge variety services. It really has become a go-to solution for anyone needing graphic design or logo work, or you can even have voice over work done as well. Years ago you may been several hundred dollars at least if you needed a logo for your company, but now you can get a pretty decent logo created for $5 bucks! Doesn’t get much better than that.

Another interesting product to come out of the region is one of the better male enhancement pumps to be released in many years, called the Penomet. And while this may sound pretty crazy or strange to be mentioning here, it has been a godsend for many men suffering from the debilitating condition known as erectile dysfunction, so the creators really are doing a service for thousands of men who have ED. Basically this device works off water, but the inventors also introduced a revolutionary new “gaiter” system that has industry experts singing it’s praises. In any case, it’s pretty cool and you can learn more about it here:

Beyond that, you should know that there are many more exciting things popping up in the Israeli region as well, and the coming years and decades could be very exciting for the people living here. The big question will be if they can move beyond the conflict and start focusing on forging ahead with a new and exciting generation of technology producing people who are focused on creating amazing products and organizations.


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